Fast loan – can you get payday loans in 5 or 15 minutes?

Most loan companies offering fast non-bank loans via the Internet tempt customers with slogans suggesting a quick time to grant them. It is generally accepted that all payday loans requested online can be obtained within fifteen minutes or even faster. Loans in a quarter offer such companies as NetCredit, Kredito24 or Ekspres Kasa. Is it really possible to get a payday wage so quickly in them? Let’s think about it.

Only regular customers of loan companies who have made a positive story in them can count on truly instant loans. They receive loans in five minutes. How? Logging in to customer profiles, choosing the terms of new loans and accepting applications or using the option of sending them via SMS. If they do it during the working hours of loan companies, they receive positive loan decisions and quick transfers to bank accounts after a short while.

Customers who for the first time use the services of specific non-bank companies cannot expect such a quick service. Precious minutes pass by while filling out the registration form. Common confirmation of personal data by bank transfer also does not speed up the process. If customers do not have an account in the same bank as the loan company and do not perform an immediate transaction, they wait for the registration fee to be registered for the next booking in a given bank from several hours to several days. Let’s assume, however, that they fill out the forms fairly quickly and send verification fees quickly, logging in to the lenders’ accounts in a few seconds. So all ten minutes have passed, and loans like that were gone. Why? Because customers are being verified at BIK, BIG, KRD and ERIF, they are waiting for a phone contact to talk about sources and amount of income or are just logging into online services and confirming the applications! How long before they get loan decisions? From fifteen minutes to over an hour.

What should new lending client customers do to reduce lending time to a minimum? First of all, apply for them during business days and hours not only for lenders but also BIK, BIG, KRD and ERIF. In addition, send verification fees to accounts in banks in which they themselves have accounts or make instant transactions. What’s more, chat on your cell phone in case the loan company sends an important SMS or calls to verify your personal details and income source.

Each financial company, other than a bank, can determine the rules for granting loans. Most parabanks operating on the Polish loan market grant loans to individual clients. Nevertheless, there are also loan companies that offer loans for entrepreneurs. As you can see, the financial products market is currently very diversified, which is why non-bank loans are targeted at various groups of clients, and each parabank can determine the criteria that the client must meet to ultimately take out a non-bank loan.

First of all, cash loans from non-bank companies, so-called payday loans are intended for customers who want to receive money in the shortest possible time, with a minimum of formalities. In banks, apart from the loan application, a number of other documents must be submitted so that the financial analyst can calculate the client’s creditworthiness and decide whether to grant a loan or not. In parabanks, the procedure for granting loans can take up to several minutes, which is why money can be on the borrower’s account in a short time. The customer only has to accept a higher actual interest rate on the commitment.

A separate group of parabank clients are persons who, for various reasons, have been refused a loan from a bank. They are not necessarily indebted persons who have negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau, but also customers with insufficient creditworthiness. Bad history in BIK for many parabanks will not be an obstacle to granting a non-bank loan, unless the client is entered as an unreliable debtor in the National Register of Debtors or in the databases of the Economic Information Bureau.

The loan offer from non-bank companies will also be received by persons who are not able to document their income in the way desired by the bank. These can be sources such as a mandate contract or a specific task contract. Parabanks often do not penetrate how the client earns income. What counts is only his statement on how much he earns monthly and whether he will repay the first loan granted on the date set in the repayment schedule provided with the loan agreement to the customer.

How do you pay off a non-bank loan?

A customer who took out a loan from a loan company operating outside the banking sector, at the same time concluded a contract with her, the terms of which he must comply. One of the most important of these is the need to return the loan amount together with all accrued fees within the prescribed period. It should be remembered that it is not important for the lender when the transfer will be made by the customer, but when the payment will be credited to the loan company’s account.

If this date does not match the date indicated in the contract as the date of repayment of the loan with interest, the borrower must take into account that he will be charged a penalty fee with interest. Charges of this type are charged for each day of delay in repayment of the loan commitment. Therefore, even a week late, which is relatively not so long, can generate very high costs for the borrower.

A non-bank loan can usually be repaid remotely by simply making a transfer from the customer’s account to the account specified in the loan agreement belonging to the non-bank company. You can also pay by postal order, although you need to know that we will have to pay a commission at the post office and the transfer will not come right away on the same day. Therefore, you need to maintain a safety margin and pay off the loan in advance, before the required repayment date. Then we will be sure that the lender will not charge us penalties for being late with paying the debt.

If we know that we will not be able to repay the loan within the previously set deadline, for example due to the occurrence of some unforeseen expenses, we may apply for an extension of the repayment period. Most loan companies operating on the Polish financial market take this into account, but the condition for extending the loan repayment will be the payment. The loan can also be repaid earlier than indicated in the contract, even without additional costs.

Loan services provide quick loans, so-called payday loans, without the need for a personal meeting with the client. You can be concerned that our personal data will be used by fraudsters to extort payday data on our data. Fortunately, loan companies use proven methods to verify the identity of clients, which minimizes the risk of such a situation.

The verification of the identity of the customer applying for a non-bank loan is usually carried out via verification transfers. It consists in the fact that a customer registering as a user on a given loan service is asked to make a verification transfer for a symbolic amount – PLN 1 or 1 grosz to the lender’s bank account indicated on the website. The transfer should be made from the client’s personal account registered on the data of the applicant for the loan. If, after posting the amount of the verification transfer, the loan company finds that the customer’s data match those of the transfer sender, the loan application may be considered in accordance with the lender’s loan policy.

Another way to authorize the customer’s identity is to confirm his registration on the loan service via a short text message sent to the mobile phone number or email address. This, however, creates some danger that the scammer will provide his telephone number and email address, but also the personal details of another person. Therefore, such verification is less and less frequent. More often, however, the lender calls the client to check and confirm his personal data.

In addition, many loan companies need to sign a paper loan agreement. A contract is sent to the customer’s address prior to the loan being paid out. It must be signed in the presence of the courier, after the person is identified by means of his / her ID card.

A scan of your ID card sent by email to the lender’s address is also a way to confirm the identity of the customer applying for the loan.

Which cash advance for me?

Do you need cash advance and want to take payday loans, but you don’t know which loan to choose? Learn how to choose a loan company and a specific product that will best suit your needs. Thanks to this text you will quickly answer the question “Which loan for me?”.

First – consider your age. You are certainly of legal age, you have a valid ID and you can apply for payday loans, but not every company will want you to become its customer. If you are between 18 and 25 years old, or if you are older than 60, only half of the loan companies on the market will be able to provide financial assistance. Check (here is the link to the comparison website for offers from the age of 18) so which lenders can apply for payday loans and choose the one with which you are in the required age range.

Secondly – think about your creditworthiness, BIK history and scoring. Before choosing a loan company, apply for a report on your person in BIK to be shared. Once every six months you can do it for free. From the information obtained from BIK you will find out if you are a potentially reliable borrower and if you have no overdue liabilities. You will also be familiar with your scoring. What do you need it for So that you are aware of how you can be assessed by the lender. If you do not have a credit history, liabilities and debts, but you are a “blank spot” for BIK or you have small arrears in repayment of installments, bills and other receivables and negative entries in your credit history, you should choose a loan offer that is known as “without BIK. ” You will have a better chance of receiving such a loan than the one in which BIK data are decisive for granting it. Remember that if you have significant debts, are entered in the debtors database or are conducting debt collection proceedings, you may have very limited loan options.

Third – think honestly about your income. If you do not have them, because you are unemployed or a student, you still have the chance to receive payday pay, but only in a company that does not require the presentation of an income certificate and does not call the employer to confirm your earnings. You can find out which lender is right for you from customer reviews on websites such as ours and from publications on our website. If you earn fairly, especially based on an employment contract or business activity, you can apply for a loan at any company.

Fourthly – analyze how much money you can “add” to the loan. If you want to get free financial assistance for a period of about a month, apply for a first, cost-free loan at companies such as Vivus, Filarum, LendOn, SmartPożyczka, SohoCredit. You will receive the first loan for free from these lenders, as long as you pay it back on time. If you are already their client and you have used their help, compare the amount of commission for granting a loan in all loan companies. You can do it here (link to comparison). Choose the offer that seems the best for you.

Fifth – answer the question how quickly you want to get a loan. If you need money “for” already, it would be best if you used the services of a company whose client you are and where you have a good loan history. Such a lender will pay you out in a few minutes. However, if you are not a customer of any lending company and you would like to receive cash quickly, choose an offer from such a lender that has been on the market for a long time, has bills in at least six banks and advertises as a lender in 15 minutes.

You already know the answer to the question “Which loan for me?”. Let’s hope that by taking into account aspects such as your age, credit history and BIK scoring, income, cost of the loan and the expected speed of its granting, it will be easier for you to choose the lender that is right for you and the specific offer.

This right is guaranteed to borrowers by the Consumer Credit Act. Even if the customer of a non-bank company finds that after taking a loan and obtaining money to his bank account from the lender that he does not need the loan, he can withdraw from the loan agreement concluded in writing or online. If such action is taken within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract, then the customer will not bear any consequences of his act. He will not have to give the lender a reason for withdrawing from the contract. It is enough for him to provide him with an appropriate statement, which the borrower should receive at the time of the commitment.

An application for withdrawal from the contract, in accordance with the model, can be submitted directly to the seat of the lender or financial intermediary or sent by post. In the latter case, the date on the envelope with the customer’s declaration will apply, not the date on which the document is delivered to the lender.

The withdrawal from the cash advance agreement within the statutory deadline of 14 days from signing the agreement does not involve the customer incurring any additional costs, but he is obliged to reimburse the borrowed amount and interest accrued for the period from the date of payment of the funds until their return. The consumer has 30 days to pay back the loan from the day of submitting the statement of withdrawal from the contract. Theoretically, for a month the borrower may freely dispose of the lender’s money, but must take into account the need to charge interest on this amount.

In the case of cash advance, because such are also in the offers of non-bank companies, termination of the contract is more difficult. The consumer should provide the loan company with an appropriate statement, as well as return the loan amount and interest charged. However, you cannot require the customer to return the goods before applying for a withdrawal.

Quick payday loan without certificates

Most non-bank companies offer clients loans without income certificates, practically provided as proof. To receive them quickly, you should be interested in lenders proposing so-called chwilówki. In this article we will tell you what a quick payday loan is and how to get it.

Instantaneous loans are instant loans that you apply for online through the lender’s website. It is granted for a short period of time and small amounts, not exceeding two thousand zlotys. You can get it in fifteen minutes.

In practice, however, such instant loan is offered only by the giants of the modern non-bank loan market, i.e. companies with an established position in the industry, such as Vivus, Wonga or Filarum

To take out payday loans, complete the online application or registration form on the lender’s website. It takes no more than 10 minutes. Then, you need to confirm your personal data by transfer from your personal bank account to one of the lender’s accounts (preferably the one in the bank where the customer has a bank account – then it is immediately booked).

When applying for a loan, you do not need to submit any documents confirming your income, employment contracts, income statements or annual tax settlements. A quick payday loan without certificates is provided on the basis of information provided in the statement and customer data from BIK and BIGs, or verification results during a personal telephone conversation.

A quick payday loan without certificates is a financial product for everyone who wants a loan with a minimum of formalities, granted over a dozen minutes to an hour. This is an interesting alternative to a bank loan, which is difficult to obtain these days.

A large number of lenders meet the modern needs of customers by offering them the opportunity to apply for non-bank loans known as payday loans via SMS. What should a potential customer know about them? In this article we present the most important information about a financial product, which is a quick loan via SMS.


So far, no company has appeared on the market where you could apply for the first loan via SMS without registering on the online service. Always, before using the SMS loan, complete the registration form available on the specific lender’s website, and then confirm the personal data contained therein by transfer from your personal bank account. Only after doing this can you apply for a loan remotely, offline, via SMS.

Why? The answer is simple – the registration form is a form of confirmation that the customer can apply for a loan at all. By providing personal data, PESEL number and ID, he confirms his majority, and after sending the registration transfer, he informs the company that he has a personal bank account to which the lender can transfer money.

In addition, the data contained in the registration form allows the loan company to verify the customer’s creditworthiness on the basis of information provided by him about the source and amount of income, occupation, housing status, number of dependents, expenses and obligations, etc. Moreover, statements whose content accepts when completing the form, the client guarantees the lender the opportunity to check it in the BIK and BIG databases.

To apply for a loan by SMS, you must first register a customer profile with the selected lender and make a verification transfer. Only after entering it are you registered on the list of customers who can apply for a loan via SMS. An application for financial assistance in the form of an SMS is completed using the template provided on the lender’s website. It usually includes the customer’s name and surname, loan amount and its duration.

The loan application via SMS must be sent from the mobile phone number provided on the registration form and then confirmed (e.g. with a code). SMS messages from other numbers are treated as spam and the requests contained in them are not verified.

As long as the SMS is sent during the lender’s business hours, it is processed by him as soon as an online loan application. The decision to accept or reject the application is sent to the customer’s mobile phone number and the money is transferred to the account within 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the bank in which the account is held.

Loan companies that offer the possibility of applying for a loan via SMS are min. LendOn, Vivus, Soho Credit. The condition for them to grant a loan by SMS is to pay back the loan that was applied for online. Some companies offer a financial product, which is an SMS loan, also for new, registered customers. Smart Lending is such a lender.

Private loans – what and where?

There is little talk about private loans, and when you talk about it, it’s usually negative. Unnecessary – not as devil as he is painted. Private loans can be a great alternative, especially for people with a negative credit history, low BIK scoring or debt and debt collection activities. In this article we will write a bit more about them.

Private loans, as the name implies, are offered by private individuals, not companies. They come from lenders’ own capital and are granted on individually agreed terms. How much they cost depends largely on the specific lenders who determine the amount of commission and fees and interest on the debt themselves. It is also not possible to define precisely for what amounts they are granted.

Private loans have the advantage that everyone can apply. The decision on granting them lies with the lender. Rather, he does not cooperate with the Economic Information Bureau, InfoMonitor, ERIF debtors register or the National Debt Register, therefore his decision is not influenced by data on the potential borrower collected in these databases.

A person granting private loans may require certain forms of confirmation of the customer’s creditworthiness, for example a salary certificate, PIT for the last year, employment contract or personal contact with the employer. It may also require the customer to provide a bank statement for the last few months. In practice, however, it does not always check the potential borrower so meticulously.

Private loan offers can be found on the Internet, in particular in the forums and discussion groups on loans and loans and on free local classifieds websites. They also appear in the field – they are hung on poles, lanterns, markets and notice boards at the entrances to multi-family real estate (blocks, tenements, closed housing estates).

Are such loans secure? Yes, provided they are taken from trusted and proven lenders. It is worth using the offer of those recommended by friends (opinions published about them on the Internet may be false). The loan terms should always be agreed and the contract with the lender must be signed in writing.

In summary, private loans are not as terrible as they seem. They have many advantages – they are offered on individual terms, even to indebted persons with bailiff classes, without the participation of external institutions, BIGs and BIKs. They can be granted for different amounts and different repayment periods. Highly flexible, discreet and noteworthy – these are private loans.