Private loans – what and where?

There is little talk about private loans, and when you talk about it, it’s usually negative. Unnecessary – not as devil as he is painted. Private loans can be a great alternative, especially for people with a negative credit history, low BIK scoring or debt and debt collection activities. In this article we will write a bit more about them.

Private loans, as the name implies, are offered by private individuals, not companies. They come from lenders’ own capital and are granted on individually agreed terms. How much they cost depends largely on the specific lenders who determine the amount of commission and fees and interest on the debt themselves. It is also not possible to define precisely for what amounts they are granted.

Private loans have the advantage that everyone can apply. The decision on granting them lies with the lender. Rather, he does not cooperate with the Economic Information Bureau, InfoMonitor, ERIF debtors register or the National Debt Register, therefore his decision is not influenced by data on the potential borrower collected in these databases.

A person granting private loans may require certain forms of confirmation of the customer’s creditworthiness, for example a salary certificate, PIT for the last year, employment contract or personal contact with the employer. It may also require the customer to provide a bank statement for the last few months. In practice, however, it does not always check the potential borrower so meticulously.

Private loan offers can be found on the Internet, in particular in the forums and discussion groups on loans and loans and on free local classifieds websites. They also appear in the field – they are hung on poles, lanterns, markets and notice boards at the entrances to multi-family real estate (blocks, tenements, closed housing estates).

Are such loans secure? Yes, provided they are taken from trusted and proven lenders. It is worth using the offer of those recommended by friends (opinions published about them on the Internet may be false). The loan terms should always be agreed and the contract with the lender must be signed in writing.

In summary, private loans are not as terrible as they seem. They have many advantages – they are offered on individual terms, even to indebted persons with bailiff classes, without the participation of external institutions, BIGs and BIKs. They can be granted for different amounts and different repayment periods. Highly flexible, discreet and noteworthy – these are private loans.

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