Quick payday loan without certificates

Most non-bank companies offer clients loans without income certificates, practically provided as proof. To receive them quickly, you should be interested in lenders proposing so-called chwilówki. In this article we will tell you what a quick payday loan is and how to get it.

Instantaneous loans are instant loans that you apply for online through the lender’s website. It is granted for a short period of time and small amounts, not exceeding two thousand zlotys. You can get it in fifteen minutes.

In practice, however, such instant loan is offered only by the giants of the modern non-bank loan market, i.e. companies with an established position in the industry, such as Vivus, Wonga or Filarum

To take out payday loans, complete the online application or registration form on the lender’s website. It takes no more than 10 minutes. Then, you need to confirm your personal data by transfer from your personal bank account to one of the lender’s accounts (preferably the one in the bank where the customer has a bank account – then it is immediately booked).

When applying for a loan, you do not need to submit any documents confirming your income, employment contracts, income statements or annual tax settlements. A quick payday loan without certificates is provided on the basis of information provided in the statement and customer data from BIK and BIGs, or verification results during a personal telephone conversation.

A quick payday loan without certificates is a financial product for everyone who wants a loan with a minimum of formalities, granted over a dozen minutes to an hour. This is an interesting alternative to a bank loan, which is difficult to obtain these days.

A large number of lenders meet the modern needs of customers by offering them the opportunity to apply for non-bank loans known as payday loans via SMS. What should a potential customer know about them? In this article we present the most important information about a financial product, which is a quick loan via SMS.


So far, no company has appeared on the market where you could apply for the first loan via SMS without registering on the online service. Always, before using the SMS loan, complete the registration form available on the specific lender’s website, and then confirm the personal data contained therein by transfer from your personal bank account. Only after doing this can you apply for a loan remotely, offline, via SMS.

Why? The answer is simple – the registration form is a form of confirmation that the customer can apply for a loan at all. By providing personal data, PESEL number and ID, he confirms his majority, and after sending the registration transfer, he informs the company that he has a personal bank account to which the lender can transfer money.

In addition, the data contained in the registration form allows the loan company to verify the customer’s creditworthiness on the basis of information provided by him about the source and amount of income, occupation, housing status, number of dependents, expenses and obligations, etc. Moreover, statements whose content accepts when completing the form, the client guarantees the lender the opportunity to check it in the BIK and BIG databases.

To apply for a loan by SMS, you must first register a customer profile with the selected lender and make a verification transfer. Only after entering it are you registered on the list of customers who can apply for a loan via SMS. An application for financial assistance in the form of an SMS is completed using the template provided on the lender’s website. It usually includes the customer’s name and surname, loan amount and its duration.

The loan application via SMS must be sent from the mobile phone number provided on the registration form and then confirmed (e.g. with a code). SMS messages from other numbers are treated as spam and the requests contained in them are not verified.

As long as the SMS is sent during the lender’s business hours, it is processed by him as soon as an online loan application. The decision to accept or reject the application is sent to the customer’s mobile phone number and the money is transferred to the account within 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the bank in which the account is held.

Loan companies that offer the possibility of applying for a loan via SMS are min. LendOn, Vivus, Soho Credit. The condition for them to grant a loan by SMS is to pay back the loan that was applied for online. Some companies offer a financial product, which is an SMS loan, also for new, registered customers. Smart Lending is such a lender.

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