Which cash advance for me?

Do you need cash advance and want to take payday loans, but you don’t know which loan to choose? Learn how to choose a loan company and a specific product that will best suit your needs. Thanks to this text you will quickly answer the question “Which loan for me?”.

First – consider your age. You are certainly of legal age, you have a valid ID and you can apply for payday loans, but not every company will want you to become its customer. If you are between 18 and 25 years old, or if you are older than 60, only half of the loan companies on the market will be able to provide financial assistance. Check (here is the link to the comparison website for offers from the age of 18) so which lenders can apply for payday loans and choose the one with which you are in the required age range.

Secondly – think about your creditworthiness, BIK history and scoring. Before choosing a loan company, apply for a report on your person in BIK to be shared. Once every six months you can do it for free. From the information obtained from BIK you will find out if you are a potentially reliable borrower and if you have no overdue liabilities. You will also be familiar with your scoring. What do you need it for So that you are aware of how you can be assessed by the lender. If you do not have a credit history, liabilities and debts, but you are a “blank spot” for BIK or you have small arrears in repayment of installments, bills and other receivables and negative entries in your credit history, you should choose a loan offer that is known as “without BIK. ” You will have a better chance of receiving such a loan than the one in which BIK data are decisive for granting it. Remember that if you have significant debts, are entered in the debtors database or are conducting debt collection proceedings, you may have very limited loan options.

Third – think honestly about your income. If you do not have them, because you are unemployed or a student, you still have the chance to receive payday pay, but only in a company that does not require the presentation of an income certificate and does not call the employer to confirm your earnings. You can find out which lender is right for you from customer reviews on websites such as ours and from publications on our website. If you earn fairly, especially based on an employment contract or business activity, you can apply for a loan at any company.

Fourthly – analyze how much money you can “add” to the loan. If you want to get free financial assistance for a period of about a month, apply for a first, cost-free loan at companies such as Vivus, Filarum, LendOn, SmartPożyczka, SohoCredit. You will receive the first loan for free from these lenders, as long as you pay it back on time. If you are already their client and you have used their help, compare the amount of commission for granting a loan in all loan companies. You can do it here (link to comparison). Choose the offer that seems the best for you.

Fifth – answer the question how quickly you want to get a loan. If you need money “for” already, it would be best if you used the services of a company whose client you are and where you have a good loan history. Such a lender will pay you out in a few minutes. However, if you are not a customer of any lending company and you would like to receive cash quickly, choose an offer from such a lender that has been on the market for a long time, has bills in at least six banks and advertises as a lender in 15 minutes.

You already know the answer to the question “Which loan for me?”. Let’s hope that by taking into account aspects such as your age, credit history and BIK scoring, income, cost of the loan and the expected speed of its granting, it will be easier for you to choose the lender that is right for you and the specific offer.

This right is guaranteed to borrowers by the Consumer Credit Act. Even if the customer of a non-bank company finds that after taking a loan and obtaining money to his bank account from the lender that he does not need the loan, he can withdraw from the loan agreement concluded in writing or online. If such action is taken within 14 days of the conclusion of the contract, then the customer will not bear any consequences of his act. He will not have to give the lender a reason for withdrawing from the contract. It is enough for him to provide him with an appropriate statement, which the borrower should receive at the time of the commitment.

An application for withdrawal from the contract, in accordance with the model, can be submitted directly to the seat of the lender or financial intermediary or sent by post. In the latter case, the date on the envelope with the customer’s declaration will apply, not the date on which the document is delivered to the lender.

The withdrawal from the cash advance agreement within the statutory deadline of 14 days from signing the agreement does not involve the customer incurring any additional costs, but he is obliged to reimburse the borrowed amount and interest accrued for the period from the date of payment of the funds until their return. The consumer has 30 days to pay back the loan from the day of submitting the statement of withdrawal from the contract. Theoretically, for a month the borrower may freely dispose of the lender’s money, but must take into account the need to charge interest on this amount.

In the case of cash advance, because such are also in the offers of non-bank companies, termination of the contract is more difficult. The consumer should provide the loan company with an appropriate statement, as well as return the loan amount and interest charged. However, you cannot require the customer to return the goods before applying for a withdrawal.

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